Official Misconduct


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Combating charges for official misconduct requires that you retain aggressive and effective counsel without delay. In New York, official misconduct is a form of public corruption that rarely stands on its own — it is usually one of many charges against a defendant. If convicted, you could lose your job or office, face prison time and have a criminal record that prevents you from seeking future employment. Tenacious and skilled, the highly regarded NYC lawyers at the Law Offices of Tacopina Seigel & DeOreo recognize that swift legal action is essential in official misconduct cases. The firm’s lawyers can rush to your side and immediately begin building a solid defense for you.

Official misconduct attorneys in NYC work to clear your name

Individuals elected by public and government officials can be charged with official misconduct. This includes congressmen, mayors, superintendents and law enforcement officials. In many cases, official misconduct occurs when government officials or public servants engage in unlawful or unauthorized behaviors with the sole purpose of benefiting themselves or someone else.

At its worst, official misconduct involves bribery. If you face charges for any form of public corruption, the reputable New York attorneys at Tacopina Seigel & DeOreo can work tirelessly to protect your reputation by analyzing the facts of the case against you, gathering evidence and attacking the validity of the prosecution’s allegations at every turn.

Building a solid defense against charges for official misconduct

When fighting charges for official misconduct in New York, it is essential that you retain counsel with a deep understanding and competent command of the law. The criminal defense attorneys you hire must be able to assist you with the following aspects of your case:

  • Pleading requirements:

    The prosecution in an official misconduct case must plead and prove that the defendant is a public servant (e.g., police office, mayor, council member), that the defendant intended to obtain a benefit or deprive another person of a benefit such as avoiding the payment of a toll) and that the defendant committed an official but unauthorized act, knowing that the act was unauthorized, or knowingly refrained from performing an official duty required by law or the nature of the defendant’s office (for example, a toll collector allowing an attractive motorist to pass through a lane without paying the required toll).  Official misconduct is a Class A misdemeanor in New York and is punishable by up to one year in prison.

  • Issues with discovery:

    Discoverable materials in an official misconduct case vary depending on the nature of the offensive conduct but often include documentary evidence, tape recordings and witness statements.

  • Key witnesses:

    The key witnesses in an official misconduct case are usually individuals with firsthand knowledge of the offensive conduct.

Aggressive counsel for New Yorkers facing charges of official misconduct

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