Employment Contracts & Severance Agreements


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The Law Offices of Tacopina Seigel & DeOreo advises clients about employment contracts and severance agreements. The firm’s experienced attorneys can review a contract or agreement, negotiate the terms of a contract or represent you in a contract-dispute matter. Known throughout New York as one of the finest law firms in the state, Tacopina Seigel & DeOreo is prepared to fiercely protect your rights under an employment contract or severance agreement.

How attorneys in NYC can assist you with your severance agreement

A severance agreement is an agreement made between an employer and employee regarding the terms and benefits the employee receives after separating from the services of the employer. Severance agreements can vary in complexity depending on your position at a company and the industry you work in. Below are some of the ways a New York employment lawyer can assist you with your severance agreement:

  • Ensure you receive money owed:

    If your employer owes you money for unused vacation time or unpaid expenses, an attorney can help you create a severance agreement that specifies when and how much money your former employer must pay you.

  • Employee benefits:

    A NY attorney can also review your severance agreement to ensure that it details the benefits you will receive after leaving your employer.

  • Severance payment:

    Are you already entitled to a severance payment? If so, your lawyer can ensure that by signing a severance agreement, you obtain more compensation that you are already entitled to receive.

Prosecuting a breach of an employment contract or severance agreement

The moment you suspect a contract or agreement with your employer has been breached, it is imperative that you contact experienced civil attorneys in NY. The skilled legal team at Tacopina Seigel & DeOreo can assist you with the following issues in regards to litigating a contractual breach:

  • Pleading requirements:

    Employees are presumed to have an “at will” relationship with their employers. This means that the employee can be fired at any time without explanation, and likewise the employee can quit at any time without warning. In order to avoid “at will” employment, it is beneficial for employees to enter into an employment contract and severance agreement with their employers. If an employer breaches an employment contract, the employee will have a cause of action against the employer. To win a breach of employment contract case, you must prove the existence of the contract, breach of the contract by the employer (or, in some cases, anticipatory breach) and damages. Generally, the contract must be written, but there are limited circumstances where an oral contract may serve as the basis for an action.

  • Issues to look for during discovery:

    If the NYC employment contract is a written contract, the discovery focuses mainly on the alleged breach. Depending on the nature of the breach, discovery might include requests for admission, interrogatories and depositions. Documents sought during discovery might include e-mails and other electronic correspondence, drafts and witness statements. If the contract is oral, discovery often focuses on finding evidence that supports the existence of the contract.

  • Using expert witnesses:

    Types of experts used to support your case may include computer forensic experts, attorneys and damages experts.

Professional employment lawyers uphold your rights

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