Misappropriation & Fraud


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Misappropriation is a form of theft that occurs in the business world. If someone in your business or partnership is abusing his or her fiduciary duty and misappropriating funds, you have a right to take legal action. Yet proving misappropriation or fraud can sometimes be an arduous task. Since 1994, the experienced NYC lawyers at the Law Offices of Tacopina Seigel & DeOreo have been protecting the rights of individuals and business who fall prey to misappropriation and fraud. Clients and other members of the legal community have come to know and respect the Law Offices of Tacopina Seigel & DeOreo for its dedication to unparalleled legal service.

Fraud lawyers in NYC help you fight back

In the business world, fraud occurs when one party uses deceit to steal from another. Whether you are a client or a partner, if you suspect you are the victim of fraud, the NYC securities litigations attorneys at the Law Offices of Tacopina Seigel & DeOreo can help. The firm’s distinguished legal team is ready to act swiftly to protect your interests and assist you in filing a civil litigation claim. Following are a few common types of fraud the firm handles:

  • Schemes involving bribery and corruption
  • Financial statement fraud
  • Asset misappropriation

Filing a civil litigation fraud claim

The Law Offices of Tacopina Seigel & DeOreo has a reputation for deftly handling the most complicated misappropriation and fraud cases in New York City. The firm’s experienced lawyers can assist you with the following aspects involved in bringing a civil litigation claim against a defendant:

  • Pleading requirements:

    CPLR 3016 sets forth enhanced pleading requirements for a civil fraud claim. If you are alleging civil fraud, you must precisely plead that the defendant made a misrepresentation, knew the misrepresentation to be false at the time it was made, that you justifiably relied on the false misrepresentation and that you suffered damages as a result of relying on the misrepresentation.

  • Issues to look for during discovery:

    Discovery in a civil fraud case involves any evidence that can show the defendant made a misrepresentation and knew the misrepresentation to be false, including documents, e-mails and witness statements.

  • Using expert witnesses:

    Fraud cases can be difficult to win and often require the assistance of expert consultants and witnesses including private investigators, forensic accountants, computer forensics experts, data management experts and sometimes law enforcement experts.

Protecting New Yorkers from fraud and misappropriation

The toughest fraud and misappropriation cases demand experienced counsel. The Law Offices of Tacopina Seigel & DeOreo is comprised of professional and respected commercial litigation attorneys who are prepared to work diligently on your case. Call today at 212-227-8877 or contact us online to schedule a consultation with a highly qualified attorney at the firm.