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Receive Reliable Counsel from Securities Fraud Attorneys in New York

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Whether you are a corporate executive or an investment broker, if you are charged with securities fraud, you are in serious trouble. In addition to losing your job, if convicted, you could face 10 years or more in a federal prison. The Law Offices of Tacopina, Seigel & DeOreo is a celebrated and highly respected NYC criminal law firm that focuses on building a strong defense for individuals accused of securities fraud. The firm can review your case, determine your options and advise you on the best course of action given your unique situation.

Knowledgeable lawyers in NYC help you understand securities fraud

Securities fraud encompasses a large list of criminal behaviors, including theft, misappropriation of funds and deceit. The moment you suspect you are being investigated for any of the crimes listed below, seek counsel from an experienced securities litigation attorney:

  • Insider trading
  • Creation of dummy corporations
  • Boiler room involvement
  • Internet fraud
  • Accountant fraud
  • Ponzi schemes
  • Corporate fraud

If you or your company is the subject of an SEC or other agency investigation, it is essential that you retain competent counsel as soon as possible. Do not be mistaken — you could spend many years in a federal prison. It is common for individuals arrested for securities fraud to face several counts of criminal charges, resulting in numerous fines and consecutive prison sentences. You should not participate in any interviews or cooperate with any information requests without first consulting counsel.

Defending against securities fraud charges

The New York securities fraud lawyers at Tacopina, Seigel & DeOreo can work with you to assess the case against you, help you weigh your options and choose the defense strategy that is most likely to result in a manageable outcome. Additionally, the firm’s experienced criminal defense attorneys can assist you with the following matters related to your case:

  • Pleading requirements: The prosecution in a securities fraud case has a long list of felonies from which to derive charges. Generally, however, the prosecution must demonstrate at least two elements: you acted purposefully with the intent to deceive and your actions resulted or had the potential to result in damages. These elements are common because fraud, at its base, consists of intentional misrepresentation.
  • Issues with discovery: Securities fraud cases often result from lengthy ongoing investigatory work and whistleblower activity.  As such, the discoverable materials in these types of cases are usually voluminous and complex. It is therefore important to retain NY attorneys who are experienced in dealing with securities fraud and the investigatory and prosecutorial agencies that normally handle these cases on behalf of the government.
  • Key witnesses: The prosecution sometimes relies solely on the testimony of the government employees who conducted the securities fraud investigation. In these situations, it is important to have experienced counsel who can dissect the government testimony and prod for “kinks in the armor” of the witnesses.

Fight allegations of securities fraud with help from a skilled legal team

Tacopina, Seigel & DeOreo comprises only skilled and accomplished criminal defense attorneys who are prepared to utilize every resource and legal tool to uphold your rights and protect your future. Call today at 212-227-8877 or contact us online to schedule a consultation with an experienced attorney at the firm.