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Category Archives: Employment Discrimination


Predicting the Fraud Risk of CEOs and CFOs

An interesting new study crossed my desk the other day. Three researchers conducted a study of “off-the-job” behaviors of chief executive officers and chief financial officers at companies subject to fraud claims by the Security and Exchange Commission and compared them to their counterparts at similar companies that had no reported fraud. The purpose of… Read More »

Merrill Lynch Manager Tells Female Analysts to Seduce the Old Boys Club

Three female financial advisors at Merrill Lynch’s Manhattan-based flagship offices claim that they were subjected to gender discrimination at the hands of an overbearing boss, according to court documents filed in New York State Court this week. The employees allege that they were respectively told to “stick to knitting” rather than going after new clients,… Read More »

Have NFL Teams Violated Employment Discrimination Laws?

Employment discrimination laws protect job applicants from being asked questions about their marital status and sexual orientation. While it is easy to forget, prospective NFL draft picks being interviewed by NFL teams before the draft in April are prospective employees. So when prospect Nick Kasa revealed that an NFL team had asked him about his… Read More »

March Madness and Employment Law Issues

Every year, people across the nation fill out their brackets for the NCAA men’s basketball tournament and wait in anticipation to see when (not if) their bracket will be busted. But filling out the brackets is not enough. We want to know how we compare to our friends, family, and more often than not, our… Read More »