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Gun Owners are a New Target in Home Burglaries

Gun owners often purchase weapons with the specific intent of home protection. Ironically, however, these home security instruments may be linked to an increase in burglaries. With the recent changes in New York State’s gun legislation making it difficult to access firearms, robbers may be targeting homes listed with gun permits.

In New York, gun permits are a matter of public record. As such, one newspaper published a map indicating the location of homes registered with gun permits.  But after one White Plains homeowner was featured on the gun permit map, his house was burglarized and, unfortunately, the burglar’s motive was clear — the gun safe.

According to a statement by the White Plains Police Benevolent Association (PBA), the gun permit map is a serious threat to public safety. By widely publicizing this information, gun owners are placed at a heightened risk. Accordingly, the PBA called for a boycott of the newspaper by consumers and advertisers until the map is removed.

In New York, burglary is defined as knowingly and unlawfully entering or remaining in a building with the intent to commit a crime. First-degree burglary is a class B felony and as such can result in 25 years imprisonment for a first-time offender and lifetime imprisonment for a criminal with a history.

While burglary may be a common occurrence, it’s nothing to take lightly. It affects the safety and security of New York residents and could result in many years behind bars. If you’re facing criminal charges, there are burglary lawyers in New York here to help. At the Law Offices of Tacopina & Seigel, our experienced legal team will fight to defend your freedom.

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