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NYC Criminal Defense Lawyers

“Joe Tacopina taught me that sometimes, you’ve got to go to war.”

—Meek Mill

“Joe Tacopina, the best in business”

—Ashleigh Banfield, CNN

“Tacopina’s the kind of lawyer who makes you want to get into trouble so he can defend you.”

NY Daily News

“The best defense attorney in the country”

—Sid Rosenberg, WABC Radio

“High profile, high powered New York defense attorney”

ABC Primetime

“One of the most prominent trial attorneys in America.”

Fox News

“One of the best attorneys”

Reverend Al Sharpton

“A top New York criminal defense lawyer”

Crain’s New York Business

“Mr. Tacopina is to the defense bar what Donald Trump is to real estate”

The New York Times

“Joe Tacopina, defense attorney… one of the best”

—Matt Lauer, Today Show

“[Tacopina] ranks among a group of top criminal defense lawyers”

The Wall Street Journal

“Elevated to the upper level of prominence”

USA Today

“Joe Tacopina, one of the go to defense lawyers in America”

Don Imus, Imus in the Morning

“One of New York’s fiercest defenders”

NY Daily News

“Top-shelf, high powered litigator”

New York Post

“One of the great defense attorneys of all time”

—Sean Hannity, Fox News

“One of the country’s top attorneys”

—Soledad O’Brien, CNN

“When you hire Joe Tacopina – it’s over”

—Don Imus

“Joe Tacopina is one of New York’s best criminal defense attorneys”

—Geraldo Rivera, Fox News

“Tacopina’s unbelievable. That guy works magic. He is the real deal. He’s not to be messed with”

—Don Imus, Imus in the Morning

“One of the great trial lawyers in America who wins cases that nobody else could win”

—Rikki Klieman, Court TV Analyst