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Passionate New York Drug Trafficking Attorneys Fight Felony Charges

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At Tacopina, Seigel & DeOreo, our team of criminal defense attorneys provide solid representation for individuals charged with drug trafficking. In New York, this crime can encompass a number of separate offenses, including producing, selling and distributing controlled substances. Each offense comes with its own penalties under New York’s sentencing guidelines, and even a less serious felony charge can bring a years-long prison sentence. When law enforcement comes for you, our firm is in your corner.

Knowledgeable attorneys advise clients on New York drug trafficking laws

In New York, the crime of operating as a major trafficker is a class A-1 felony, requiring a minimum prison term of 15 to 25 years and a maximum term of life in prison. To be considered a major drug trafficker, a person must have done one of the following:

  • Directed a controlled substance ring that sold controlled substances with proceeds totaling at least $75,000 over the span of a year or less
  • Sold one or more narcotic drug knowingly in a period of six months or less for proceeds (collected or due) of at least $75,000
  • Knowingly and unlawfully possessed and intended to sell one or more narcotic drug with the total worth of the substances being $75,000 or more over a period of six months or less

Cocaine, heroin, opiates, crack, marijuana, LSD and methamphetamine are some of the drugs commonly confiscated in New York trafficking investigations.

Laws against racketeering — known in New York as “enterprise corruption” — are used to prosecute alleged members of gangs and other organizations that engage in drug trafficking.

Our experienced criminal law attorneys raise staunch defenses for clients charged with trafficking offenses and other drug crimes, asserting all procedural rights and protections afforded by New York law and the state and federal constitutions.

Tenacious lawyers seek minimum penalties for controlled substance offenses

In New York State, any charge for criminal sale of a controlled substance is a felony. There are five degrees of this offense:

  • First degree — Criminal sale of a controlled substance in the first degrees is knowingly and unlawfully selling at least two ounces or more of a narcotic or at least 2.88 grams of methadone. A non-major drug trafficker found guilty of this crime will be sentenced to a minimum of eight to 20 years in prison.
  • Second degree — This level of crime can be charged for the sale of at least .5 ounces of any narcotic, methamphetamine, stimulant, LSD or hallucinogen, or at least 360 milligrams of methadone. Punishments include a minimum prison sentence of three to eight years.
  • Third degree — This offense comprises the knowing and unlawful sale of any narcotic; at least one gram of a stimulant, hallucinogenic or LSD; at least 25 milligrams of a hallucinogen; or at least an eighth ounce of methadone. The minimum prison sentence for a first offender is five years.
  • Fourth degree —This is the knowing and unlawful sale of any narcotic preparation, or certain specified amounts of a depressant, dangerous depressant, concentrated cannabis, phencyclidine, methadone, ketamine or GHB. It also includes the sale of a controlled substance on the grounds of a school, daycare or educational facility.
  • Fifth degree — The knowing and unlawful sale of any amount of a controlled substance can result in this charge. The maximum prison sentence is 17 years.

Our lawyers work diligently to mount powerful defenses to criminal sale offenses. We are driven by a passion for obtaining the most positive outcomes possible.

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