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Category Archives: Personal Injury


Jury Decides against Wrongful Death Verdict in Jackson Case

I talked earlier about the deposition of the children of Michael Jackson as part of the wrongful death action brought by their maternal grandmother, Katherine Jackson after the death of her son, pop star Michael Jackson.  In early October, a California jury ruled against Mrs. Jackson and the children of Mr. Jackson. While the jury… Read More »

Michael Jackson Wrongful Death Suit Elicits Children’s Testimony

Prince and Paris Jackson, the children of deceased superstar Michael Jackson, have been deposed in a wrongful death suit brought by their grandmother Katherine Jackson against concert promoter AEG for the untimely death of their father. According to the complaint, AEG hired Dr. Conrad Murray to attend to Jackson to make sure that the singer… Read More »

Blogger Claims Defamation Suit Should Be Dismissed

Joined by friends of the court, The New York Times, the Washington Post and Dow Jones & Co., a co-defendant in a defamation suit against the now-deceased conservative blogger Andrew Breitbart argued for dismissal of the charges before the D.C. Court of Appeals. The defamation suit was filed in 2011 by former Agriculture Department rural… Read More »

The Rules of Suing the Government in New York

There are special rules for suing municipalities, state agencies and the state itself. Unlike other defendants, state and local government require notice of your claim. These strict notice requirements mean that you must act quickly if you are suing the state or a municipal corporation. What are these notice requirements? When you have a claim… Read More »

Dangerous Roads for Pedestrians in the Tri-State Area

Crossing the street can be very dangerous, even when taking care to look both ways. Because of location and traffic patterns, there are some roads that are more dangerous than others for pedestrians. Which roads in the tri-state area are most dangerous for pedestrians? For the fifth consecutive year, The Tri-State Transportation Campaign says that… Read More »

What is Wrongful Death Compensation?

Wrongful death is defined as “the taking of the life of an individual resulting from the willful or negligent act of another person or persons.” In order to sue for wrongful death, it must be proven that the acts or omissions of the defendant were the proximate cause of the decedent’s injuries and death. This… Read More »